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What We Do PhotoOur company’s focus is simple and direct! We strive to make our communities a great place to live. We specialize in being good listeners and applying our knowledge and expectations in the behind the scenes management of a community whose residents may number from as few as 100 to over 3,000.

Community Development Districts
Community Development Districts, or CDDs, are special purpose governments who have special powers and provide a wide array of services to large communities. CDDs are governed by publicly elected supervisors who operate under Florida’s open government sunshine laws.

Homeowner Associations
Homeowner Associations, or HOAs, are private, not for profit corporations authorized by Florida law, which provide for the operation and maintenance of common property and the enforcement of deed restrictions. HOAs may provide for services to a single neighborhood or a master homeowners association may provide community wide services to over 1,000 homes. HOAs are governed by an elected board of directors.

Condominium Associations
Condominium Associations own and operate a wider range of common property that includes the residential buildings in addition to the clubhouses, pools, and other amenities. Condominiums are created under detailed Florida laws and also enforce deed restrictions. Condominiums are not-for-profit and governed by Boards elected by unit members.

Commercial Property Associations
Commercial property associations are a collection of commercial properties who are within a common development with deed restrictions. Commercial property associations may be part of a larger master planned community and are under the control of a board of directors.